Friday, April 19, 2013

Connecting Home, School and Community

My role as school social worker is to provide students with social and emotional support to promote their academic success. I provide counseling and intervention services to students and support services to families who are experiencing challenges. This includes referrals to community resources and agencies that provide assistance in the areas of clothing, food, health and mental health, and other basic needs.
I work with students who are experiencing social and emotional issues that are interfering with adjustment and achievement in school such as:
Family change (divorce, separation, death)
Peer relationships (dating, friendships, conflict resolution)
Behavior issues
Poor attendance
Anger management
Unmet basic needs (food, shelter, clothing)
I am here as a resource for students and their families. Students are referred for social work services by teachers, guidance counselors, school nurse. parents or self-referred. Please feel free to contact me
with any questions or concerns that you have at 569-2055 or email me at